Programs for Parents

Parenting Inside OutĀ® (PIO)

PIO is an evidence-based parenting skills program for justice system-impacted parents. PIO teaches parents the skills to successfully engage with their families and to parent their children in healthy, child-centered, prosocial ways. It is appropriate for parents with children from 0 to 19 years. The Center for Family Success offers PIO-48, which meets twice a week for 12 weeks, and PIO-24, which meets twice a week for 6 weeks. Parenting Inside Out is offered in English and Spanish.


Caring DadsĀ 

Caring Dads is an evidence-based, gender-specific parenting group for men. The curriculum focuses on teaching fathers child-centered approaches to parenting, and on taking accountability for harmful and unhelpful behaviors they have engaged in that caused harm to their child(ren). The group meets twice a week for 8.5 weeks.


Gender-Responsive Trauma Coping Skills Groups

Healing Trauma for women and Building Resilience for men are gender specific skill based support groups to help parents who have experienced trauma, adversity and stress. The groups are designed to help build insight and skills to cope with trauma and its effects. These groups meet twice a week for 3 weeks.

Home Visiting

Parenting Inside Out 1:1 Home Visiting is an individualized parenting intervention program that focuses on 1:1 parenting skills tailored to fit family goals that include bi-weekly home visits for a minimum of 6 months. Parenting Inside Out 1:1 (PIO 1:1) is open to all ages but prioritizes children 0-6.

Parent Advocacy

Parent advocates provide individualized support to parents to assist them in achieving stability as they participate in services at the Center for Family Success. Advocates provide resource navigation, engage in collaborative communication with community partners, allocate resources to reduce barriers to program attendance, provide life-skills coaching, assist with parenting plans and goal setting, and help clients increase self-sufficiency.

Peer Mentoring

Parent Partners help participants navigate systems while providing emotional support and skill building. Mentors have lived experience with justice systems and/or in the recovery community.

Family Engagement Activities

The Center provides free family engagement events throughout the year that enhance family connectedness, create community, and reinforce healthy parenting skills. Events include outdoor gatherings in the park, trips to local attractions such as the zoo or art museum, sports game outings, seasonal parties, movies, and on-site activities at our Center. During the pandemic, we have continued to offer socially distant events in-person events and virtual gatherings.



Classes and programs are currently being provided virtually.

To schedule an intake, please contact Tasha Edwards at or at (503) 286-0600, option 1.

To refer a client for services at the Center for Family Success, please download the following form and email completed referrals to or fax to 503-286-0325.