Sheri Sandoval, M.S.

Director of Programs

Sheri joined The Pathfinder Network in January 2013 as a facilitator/coach for our parenting and cognitive-behavioral corrections programs. She has held numerous positions throughout her time here including Parenting Inside Out Coach Trainer, Administrative Support Specialist, Eastside Institution Manager, and Eastside Training and Development Manager. She has been in her current role as Director of Corrections Programs since 2018. Prior to her time at TPN, Sheri owned a small business, which prepared her for working with people, money and resources, and also taught preschool, where she learned about classroom management (albeit for a different audience).

As Director of Corrections Programs, Sheri strives to provide a safe working environment for staff to be able to flourish in their roles as facilitators and coaches providing programming to adults in custody. Sheri works closely with the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) to ensure adults in custody have opportunities to attend programming that is gender-responsive, cutting-edge and skill-based. Sheri contributes to TPN’s program and curriculum development and training, and was instrumental in the organization’s change to using the Free Your Mind-CORE curriculum, a cognitive behavioral interventions focused on skill building and rapport building.

When asked what brings her to this work, Sheri said, “having family members involved in the system and hearing their stories motivated me to figure out how I could do more, not only for my family but for other families that find themselves impacted by the justice system.”

When she is not focused on her TPN work, Sheri is focused on her family. She enjoys watching movies and playing games with her children and grandchildren, and also enjoys her Saturday morning yard sales with her husband of 16 years.